R-410A Saftey Certification


R-410A Safety
Training & Certification

The EPA has established the phase out of the HCFC R-22 with no production or importing beginning in 2020. However, manufacturers of air conditioning equipment must phase out the use of HCFC R-22 in new equipment by January 1, 2010. Many manufacturers have already started this process and are building specially designed systems that utilize R-410A. The newly designed R-410A systems employ thicker walled tubing, newly developed compressors, components and a higher grade oil that requires different installation and service procedures.

R-410A is an azeotropic mixture and is presently marketed under the brand names of Puron, Suva 410A, and Gentron AZ-20.

These newly manufactured R-410A air conditioning systems will require contractors and technicians to shift to different tools and equipment, safety standards and fundamentals when installing, changing out (retrofitting) older split A/C systems, and repairing systems in the field.

  • We need to know why R-410A can only be used in equipment specifically designed and constructed for R-410A, and cannot be retrofitted from R-22 systems.
  • We need to know why R-410A operates at considerably higher pressures and requires the use of special tanks, gauges and recovery equipment, and how to properly handle R-410A for the safety of everyone.

With successful completion of the certification exam, Will show evidence of your professional ability to safely handle and work with this new generation of refrigerants and air conditioners